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You are about to discover the world that existed long before Europeans came to America. Back then, there were millions of Native Americans living all across the country, speaking their own languages, practicing their own customs, and living in very different tribes and family units. What do you think life was like for Native Americans? On this webquest, you will find the answer to this question by investigating specific Native American tribes.



You will work in groups of 3. Each of you will have a role. Decide now who will be the Hopi Investigator, Mohawk Investigator, and Comanche Investigator.




Task 1

1.Each member of your group must print the worksheet.

2.Complete the portion of the worksheet about your tribe by clicking here for Hopi, here for Mohawk, and here for Comanche.

3.When you are done, go back to your group and share information to complete the other two parts of your worksheet.

Task 2

1. Watch a Native American Pow Wow by clicking here.

Task 3

1. With your group, go to this website and choose a Native American craft you would like to do.

2.Work together with your group to create your project.

3. Make a tag using a notecard that explains what your craft means. For example, if you make a TeePee, you might write how they were made and what tribes lived in them.

Task 4

1.On your own go here to play a game and learn what places across the United States were named by Native Americans.

2. Now go here to do a Native American puzzle.

Task 5

1. You are ready to do your final project. Individually, go here and choose any Native American tribe you want to discover.

2. Read about the tribe you chose.

3. You have three options for your project. Choose one and click on it to get further directions.

I want to make a poster.

I want to write a report.

I want to build a model home.



This is how you will be graded on your final project.

Poster Rubric

Model Home Rubric

Report Rubric








Check out these great books to learn more about Native Americans.